Lakes & Mountains

the surroundings of Salzburg

Especially Emperor Franz Josef von Habsburg, who spent together with his cortège more than 60 summer seasons in Bad Ischl, knew about the advantages of this area. During our tour will discover the beautiful area called “Salzkammergut” with its more than 70 lakes and many charming villages, which became famous for their particular flair.

We attach ourselves on the traces of the salt – the so-called „white gold“ – which for centuries represented the economic base for people living in this region. I will inform you about the pre-historic “Mondsee-culture”, the Celts in Hallstatt (UNESCO world heritage), the “drum-women” of Bad Aussee, about hand-made shoes called “Goiserer”, about local customs and some strange traditions!

Upon request we will cross the lakes with a balloon, we ascent the mountain ‘Schafberg’ with a more than 100 years old railway or ship over the lakes with an old steam boat; we undertake a pilgrimage, bake an apple or apricot strudel together and try on a pair of leather trousers and enjoy a picknick under the apple-trees of a local farmer!