Castles & Residences in Salzburg

The Archbishops as souvereigns of Salzburg knew the most beautiful places for relaxing summerdays and enchanting festivals! They have left a rich heritage of splendid residences around the city of Salzburg. I will tell you stories about the Castles Leopoldskron, ancestral castle of the family Firmian and later ‘lived dream’ of the creator of Salzburgs summer festival Max Rainhardt. Herrnau, Emslieb, Emsburg,  Fronburg and Castle Anif – every single place has a special history.

Hellbrunn Castle built at the beginning of the 17th century in the style called „Manierismo“ is famous for its tricky water fountains and another example of italian lifestyle. The gardens of Hellbrunn are designed as a wide area surrounding the castle – an ideal place for a picknick maybe next to the “Gazebo” from the movie “Sound of Music”! A wonderful tour especially when we take the bike tour!