Classic Salzburg

Salzburg – EXCLUSIVE … city walking tour beyond touristical mainstream …

During our private walking tour we discover the Burgher Town with its narrow crooked streets and unique passage ways of the so-called „Getreidegasse“. Salzburg’s commercial centre still remains in its medieval charme contrasting the great spacious squares of the district where the Archbishops used to live in their Residence. We’ll pass by Mozart’s Birthplace, the main cathedral „Dom“ and the Festival Halls before we reach the monastery of the Benedictines called St. Peter – dating back to 696 AC!

The participants will get informed about the importance of salt commerce and medical supply in the middle ages, hear interesting stories of the musicians Wolfgang Amadeus and Michael Haydn and learn about traditional beer brewing and local specialities like „Salzburger Schnitzel“, the popular sausages called „Frankfurter“ and the only „original Mozart chocolate“, which they can try in the Café Fürst! Of course we’ll also walk on the traces of the famous movie „The Sound of Music“!

Visit of hidden spots in Salzburg’s symbol the fortress „Hohensalzburg“

Highly recommendable – please calculate 1 additional hour