From Italianità to Walk of Modern Art

Modern architecture in Salzburg – a contradiction in terms?

It all began with a vision: Salzburg – the Rome of the North!

At the end of the 16th century Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau began his studies in Rome and was electrified by the beautiful arts! As the new Archbishop of Salzburg he set the foundation for the unique ‘historic centre of Salzburg’, which became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1997.

Since 1967 the medieval Burgher Town and the baroque residential district have been strictly protected by law.  Nevertheless, in 2001 the so-called Salzburg Foundation became the initiator of the Walk of Modern Art – an art and sculpture circuit in public areas, which offers the opportunity for direct involvement of local inhabitants, international artists and visitors.

During our art and architecture walk we will follow in the footsteps of ‚the Italian spirit’, we’ll discuss spiritual and secular buildings from different eras, we’ll stroll past fin-de- siècle-villas and art-deco-houses … and I’ll convince you that even Salzburg is a city of Modern Art.

Alla fine we’ll enjoy a glass of Prosecco and take in a breath-taking view from a ‚bella terrazza‘.

Optional: If you have still not had enough I’ll guide you through the new DOM-Quartier – ‘centre of baroque power’