Love & Crime in Salzburg

‚Love is the start of pain … sooner or later ‘
… a message left by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich on the prison wall in the Fortress Hohenwerfen … with his beloved Salome he had 15 children and set the foundation of Salzburg’s baroque historic city centre in the 16th century. A turbulent life … a tragic end!

During this walk you’ll hear entertaining and sometimes tragic love stories about celebrities like Mozart’s sister, Nannerl. We’ll learn about her thwarted career and her sad fate, that she was forced to become the wife of the lawyer and widower Berchthold zu Sonnenburg – instead of marrying her beloved court chancellor, Franz Armand Diepold.

In letters from Mozart we’ll read about love and some of them even include amorous tips to his sister! We’ll pass by the house of the baker’s daughter Otilie, hear about strange love games like ‘measuring the calf’, nocturnal visits in the “maison de plaisir” and about romantic rendez-vous in the cafés of Salzburg … and in between we’ll sample a stimulating punch-drink!

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