Salzburg for kids

My speciality! I intend to present our city’s history in an exciting way, taking the children’s age into consideration. Equipped with a „roadbook“ they can discover the city on their own, taste local goodies, interview people passing by, take photos, paint portraits of each other, slip into the role of a juggler, meet famous people and take a look behind the scenes –  marvelling about the variety of possibilities a city walk offers!

Pack your suitcase – interactive quiz for kids
We’ll discover Salzburg and pack one thing from every place into our suitcase – interactive walking tour with a sweet surprise at the end!

Choco-Tour….. for lovers of dainties!
Nibbling permitted! Discover the variousSWEET’ offers of Salzburg’s old town – the Altstadt.

Hellbrunn for Kids – a glimpse behind the scenes
Discover the wonderful world of Archbishop Markus Sittikus … a secret staircase brings us into the grotto ruin … we’ll learn about the mechanism of the water-machine „Germaul“ and hear the sounds of the bird grotto, while I tell mythological stories about Orpheus & Eurydice or the God of the Sea, Neptune.

Please note: dress according to weather conditions, bring along good mood & maybe a snack!